Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

We are specialists in responsibly extracting and integrating data and in applying advanced analytics techniques to help you:

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Knowledge is power

Your uniqueness

We understand:

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Your success

We help you make sense of your data and put them to work by:

Your data

Your complex business environment produces and consumes vast amounts of data that are extremely different in nature, size,
speed of availability and source. To compound this, they are often locked into different organisational silos,
with no access given to other parts of the company.
We help you make sense of such a fragmented situation and make all your data work harmoniously for you.

Data sources from your data lake

Your unique data lake is likely to include data coming from traditional sources and data specific to your industry and business. We will help you extract data that can answer your unique challenges and make them available in your data lake, ready for analysis and correlation through advanced algorithms that we model specifically for your use case.

Key aspects of your data

All key aspects of your data are taken into considerations during our work,
to ensure sound modeling and, indeed, strong basis for the data analysis.

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The amount of data from myriad sources

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The types of data: structured, semi-structured, unstructured

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The speed at which big data is generated

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The degree to which big data can be trusted

icon representing the value


The business value of the data collected

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The ways in which the big data can be used and formatted

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How it works

1. Define use cases

We support you in the definition of your specific use case

We define together what you want to achieve for your company by combining your intimate knowledge of your business and your vision with our deep understanding and experience of your ecosystem and of the data world, so that clear expectations are set.

Let us assist you in defining clearly your use case

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2. Identify data sources

We identify with you the relevant data sources for your use case

Your situation and use case are unique. This is why we help you define the relevant multiple data sources – regardless of whether specific to your business or from traditional sources – that provide the highest value for your very own use case.

Let us identify the best data sources for your specific use case

3. Bring data together

We extract and integrate your data

We extract and then integrate all your relevant data in a single data lake, regardless of their nature, the silos and sources they come from, or indeed any other specific aspect of them.

Let us integrate all your data sources into a single data lake

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4. Analyse data

We analyse the integrated data

We then analyse the selected data using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques to reveal valuable patterns, trends and associations that can guide and inform your decision making and the delivery of the use case.

Let us extract from your data lake the insights you need

5. Visualise results

We display and communicate the results in real time

The outcome of the data analysis can be displayed on intuitive dashboards or delivered in the form of automated messages.
We create useful and intuitive dashboards, tailored to the customer’s specific situation, that provide an at-a-glance view of all the relevant indicators for prompt action.
Additionally, up-to-date alerts and information can be forwarded to selected recipients with the customer’s chosen communication channels via open API.

Let us integrate all your data sources into a single data lake

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6. Automate processes

We apply the insights obtained to automate your processes

Based on the valuable insights obtained, we automate your processes so that you can benefit at best from them, achieving increased efficiency and cost reduction. We create a useful dashboard that can deliver alerts and trigger consequential actions based on your unique thought process and use case.

Let us help you automate your processes further, based on what your data tell you

The three key elements
from data to action

Data Science

We source and extract huge volumes of data while guaranteering their quality and coherence. We then apply a wide range of analytical models to the data and extract intelligence that we turn into operational reality. We make the use of the models as efficient as possible automatically controlling if there is any degradation, automating their retraining and maximising their profitability.

Let us extract intelligence from your data

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Artificial Intelligence

We leverage our knowledge of AI and algorithms to transform your sets of data into well founded decisions. Our work reveals valuable patterns, trends and associations that help you:

1. Identify potential problems before they happen

You can define your most appropriate response and intervene ahead of time with suitable corrective maintenance. This helps you avoid faults and failures that would otherwise impact your teams’ performance, your service quality and, ultimately, your customers.

2. Predict and forecast the occurrence of anomalies

When anomalies happen next time, you will be able to respond with pre-planned actions in real time to:

This reduces, if not removes completely, the impact of the anomalies on the customer experience, improving your quality of service.

Let us help you get ahead of the errors and automate actions to solve them before they occur

Cloud computing

We support our clients in their journey towards the cloud. We help define the optimal environment for each case – multi-cloud, public, private or hybrid cloud. We then eliminate operational errors by creating catalogues of good practices and by shortening the deployment time of the platform, reducing thus the time to market of your solution.

Let us support you in your journey to the cloud

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