Managed Telco Services

We help our customers to take advantage of the multiple new opportunities that the fast developing telecom-reliant world presents. We expertly and flexibly provide a wide range of managed telco services and solutions to – or on behalf of – telecom and IT businesses, some specifically in the Netherlands and Benelux, others without any geographic restrictions.
We are known and appreciated for our highly skilled and experienced team of experts and our end-to-end delivery approach. Our customers trust us to deliver services and products that they can be proud of.

Technology expertise

Technology advancements are increasingly impacting our way of living, challenging us to adapt and change the way we serve our customers. Network domains are no exemption to such advancements, including things such as:

At Future Connections we do not stand still. Working closely with our customers, we tap into our proven expertise and technology passion to deliver services and solutions that provide real answers to the challenges of today and lay out solid foundations for the solution of the challenges of tomorrow. Nowadays, our expertise covers:

Our customers

Our B2B customers

We specialise in B2B telecom

From the best known brands to the upcoming ones, we are the quality choice of the Dutch companies and the international companies operating in the Netherlands:


such as KPN, T-Mobile NL and Delta Fiber Nederlands


such as Budget Thuis, Hughes Europ and Freedom Internet

Telecom & IT

such as IPVisie, Clear Mind IT Consultancy, Sipcon, Iris One, WilroffReitsma, CBG Connect, NDI, Spie and VX Company

Your end customers

We have many years of experience in serving our customers and, where required, their end customers. In these cases, we are your operating arm, the face that they see and the service quality that they experience.




Whether remotely or face-to-face, we are happy to deliver your services to your consumers. Our team has courteous manners, leaves the place tidy and makes always sure that everything works and is explained to your customer before leaving the site or closing the calls.

We appreciate how important the quality of service is to your enterprise customer and aim at exceeding your expectations every time. We work closely with your team before, during and after our delivery in a transparent and co-operative way, to achieve high customer satisfaction.

High quality for your peace of mind

We are fit for purpose

We are on a mission to maintain extremely high customer satisfaction and continually improve the quality of our delivery. To achieve this, we focus on:

1. Quality of services and management

2. Innovative approach

Let us support you in your journey to the cloud

Our portfolio


1. Operations Support Center

project design

2. Field Operations


3. Management and Consulting

after-sales service

4. Tooling NIx family

1. Operations Support Center

Field Operations

Our highly skilled teams on the road and in the back-office provide daily across Benelux hundreds of successful multi-play installations at consumers’ homes, migrate business customers to the latest cloud products, deal with support requests and plan technology or operator swaps.



Our delivery in the last 12 months

2. Services

Installation, upgrading, migration

We deliver for you

Regardless on whether your customers – new or current –  require a new installation, an upgrade or, indeed, a migration to newer platforms, we are here to deliver a quality service on your behalf.
We are flexible enough to tailor our delivery to your exact specifications and precise requirements of your end-customers, depending on the services in your portfolio.

Let us support you in offering a great service to your end-consumers

Onsite or remote?

Let us find the best way to deliver your service


Keep up the pace

Now more than ever the fast pace of the technological advancements constantly creates new opportunities that require quick adaptation and changes. We can help you to keep up in multiple scenarios by flexibly planning and carrying out for you swaps of any sort, in line with your lifecycle management program:

  1. From operator to operator
  2. From technology to technology, i.e. copper to fiber
  3. From legacy to new hardware, i.e. when support for legacy technology is stopped

Let us keep you up to date with the latest technologies


We exceed your expectations

We are experienced in providing 2nd line support that complements your support services.
Depending on the ticket we receive from your Service desk, we are called to resolve the issue onsite.
We customise our SLAs to your specific requirements, responding appropriately to different levels of urgency and different types of intervention.

Let us solve your incidents in the best possible way

Back-office services

Agile and tailor-made

We offer a comprehensive range of back office services that are always tailor-made and customised to your individual needs. We experiencedly manage end-to-end projects or, simply, parts of the delivery process that you may find difficult to fulfil or prefer to outsource to a professional team. We make sure that the process or project runs smoothly and efficiently, and that the end result delights the end customer.
We have experienced back office teams that are solely focused on:

  1. Planning
  2. Logistics
  3. Reporting
  4. Project management
  5. Consulting

Let us tailor the service to your specific needs