Spanish students gain experience at Future Connections

Spanish students gain work experience at Future Connections

7th May, 2019

Since March, three Spanish students have joined the Future Connections team in Etten-Leur. They study multi-platform and web application development at IES Campanillas in Málaga and are here to gain work experience in their future workfield. spanish team working The Netherlands office

Jose Antonio Fernández, Alejandro Ruiz and Lucía Blanco are in the Netherlands on an Erasmus+ scholarship, but this is not their first introduction to Future Connections. “Our first school year consisted of six months at school, followed by three months of in-company traineeship. After our training in the company, they offered us a part-time job and we’ve been working here since”, says Lucía.  

Future Connections is a partner of IES Campanillas for an international exchange programm, which allows the students to learn in a real working environment. ”We’ve been treated like employees from the beginning, allowing us to learn at a faster pace, now we help this year’s students by mentoring them and trying to offer an experience as enriched as the one we had on our first year”, says Jose.  

About the Erasmus+, they say “It’s nice to experience a new culture.” “Plus, it’s a great way to improve our English”, adds Alejandro. How do they like the Netherlands so far? “We love it! We live in Breda and everybody is so friendly, both at work and in the city.” 

Business Intelligence  

The students are working on different projects, but there’s one really innovative: a software tool for Business Intelligence that includes dashboards and charts to support the Backoffice and Customer Care at Future Connections. “The engineers submit their activities and report milestones and issues within our app, we collect and process that data, which gives the backoffice agents and our customer care agents  a realtime and relevant insight in things like , production, performance, recurrent problems or any other abnormalities. Besides thatthere will a dashboard portal for the Customers of Future Connections to see performance KPI’s and other results. The BI solution will be integrated in the Reddie Software Platform”, says Jose.

spanish team at the Netherlands officeOpen to innovation 

Alejandro explains why all three students enjoy working for Future Connections. “They work with fairly new technologies. Also we feel like we have an opinion: if we think it’d be interesting to use an specific database or language for an specific project they take it into consideration, which isn’t something every company does, so we really appreciate that. The flexibility and the freedom in organizing our work that Future Connections offers us is also very positive.” 


Alejandro, Jose and Lucía are in the Netherlands until June 5th. They also work on an end-of-degree project so, if all goes well, they will have their diplomas before the summer vacation. What are their plans after that? In unison: “We would really like to come back to the Netherlands and work for Future Connections!” 

Lucía, Jose and Alejandro are here until June 5th. Want to know how they look back on their time in The Netherlands at the end of their term here? Come back in two months and read the final interview! 

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