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We enable your digital transformation journey by delivering customised services and solutions that provide effective answers to the complex and constantly evolving environment of the telco industry.
Our solutions enable cross-domain decision making based on advanced predictive analytics and active closed-loop management. We genuinely guide you to embrace automation and lead you towards zero-touch operations.
We differentiate for our deep knowledge of the industry, which allows us to leverage the latest innovative technologies, our unique network expertise and highly flexible approach, to your benefit. 

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Telco networks, and specifically the OSS and BSS landscapes, require innovative services based on the newest technology, in order to achieve

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Through our customised services and portfolio of products, we expertly help Tier-1 mobile and fixed service operators achieve:

We support a seamless transition from traditional network operations methodology, which is more manually-based and time-consuming, to an automated, more efficient and cost effective approach.

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Our expertise

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Services that support network teams

Our services are flexible and easily customisable. They can be mixed and matched according to the specific requirements of your network teams by network function.

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1. Telco System Integration

A sound digital transformation journey needs to rely on a single source of truth. We collect data from your various data sources across different departments and organisational silos, integrate them into a single data lake and correlate them to provide the necessary network insights. We offer:

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2. Telco Network Planning & Design

Whether you are a new CSP rolling out a new network or, perhaps, an established operator expanding a new or an old technology, it is always challenging to decide where to locate new sites, what technology/frequency to rollout, the specific antenna configuration, etc.

Our services and solutions facilitate the decision making process of your network planning and design teams, by giving them visibility of the relevant network data and information. We collate, ingest and correlate data from diverse data sources and make them available to your teams in a single pane of view delivering insights and in-depth network knowledge.

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3. Zero-touch Operations

New technologies in the market such as IoT, 5G and big data are pushing CSPs towards digital transformation, moving quickly towards full automation.

Our experienced teams automate CSPs’ operational processes through customised algorithms that provide immediate visibility and trigger rapid actions in the network, making automated adjustments. Results are provided in real time, avoiding delays and possible human errors.

There is no limit on what network operational process actions can be automated, either simple or more complex and data driven, such as the forecast of a service degradation and the application of remedy before users get impacted.

Our value-add is not limited by your technology choice or vendor selection or, indeed, network environment, whether OSS, CSON or RIC. We customise our delivery to your specific needs to help you meet your specific challenges and integrate in your particular situation.

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4. Performance Monitoring & Assurance

We offer network performance monitoring and assurance services through the creation of content, which can take the form of KPIs, reports of any kind or dashboards. The service can be delivered either based on our NIx platform or on your existing platform or big data technologies (Hadoop, Elastic, etc).

Our teams display the output into a comprehensive dashboard view, consolidating technology domains and KPI definitions. Based on the results made available, they expertly provide root cause analysis, troubleshooting and recommendations to improve your network performance.

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Our unique business approach

Our differenciators

Flexibility is the key


Our engineers are highly specialised in telco data analytics and apply artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to extract intelligence from your data lake, forecast degradation and automate processes. Some of our recent use cases include:

The team works in agile mode and with high flexibility to understand the unique customer’s challenges and provide answers that make a real difference.

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