Future Connections draagt bij aan veiligheid conglomeraat Málaga

Future Connections contributes to safety conglomerate Málaga

24th mei, 2019

Future Connections is part of a partnership that focuses on the conglomerate of Málaga. The University of Málaga is also involved. The project Future Connections is working on focuses on ‘mission critical services’ in the field of security in the city. It uses video analytics over the 5G network.

Improving safety

Security is obviously a major concern in a large city like Málaga. But improved security in modern urban environments requires advanced communication systems to provide a reliable, fast and secure connection. The new 5G connections are expected to better support this, as this technology features high throughput, low latency and better privacy protection capabilities.

Mobile video surveillance

The programme we are involved in introduces HD video surveillance systems for law enforcement. The Mobile Video Surveillance Platform (MVSP) for law enforcement includes the following features:

  • Real-time HD video surveillance (HD streaming).
  • Automatic detection and reporting of Unusual Motion Detection.
  • Appearance Search
  • Automatic detection and management of traffic violations (parking violations, speed limits, uninsured drivers, stolen vehicles, suspicious vehicle identification).
  • Fast Access Control for restricted areas.

functions of our businessThe reliable two-way communication contributed by Future Connections will certainly improve the critical response in the daily operations of the police in the city of Malaga. Furthermore, the integration of these systems with local government platforms will improve the automation of common administrative tasks and enable tangible cost savings.

Focus Areas Future Connections

Future Connections contributes to this by focusing on the following three focus areas:

  • Making smart use of the latest video analytics technologies. In this project these are Avigilon video solutions.
  • Investigating the impact on the 5G network for this application, and which solutions and settings are needed to make this work from within the network. We are also investigating how we can cleverly combine 5G technology with other access technologies such as 4G, WiFi and fibre optics.
  • Building a video analytics platform, with end-to-end integration with the relevant databases.

Usable in the Netherlands

The experiences we gained in Málaga can also be used here. We are therefore also involved in supporting similar initiatives with governments and local authorities in the Netherlands. When we can share the first results with you, you will see them on this news page.

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