Future Connections has been certified ‘PYME Innovadora’ by the Spanish Government

Future Connections has been recognised ‘PYME Innovadora’ by the Spanish Government

The Research & Development Department achieves the status for its innovative technological advancements

18th April 2023 – Etten-Leur, Netherlands

Future Connections, the independent telco solutions provider and software developer with in-depth experience in network performance assurance, optimisation and automation and in telco managed services, today announced it has been recognised ‘PYME Innovadora’ – Innovative SME – by the Ministry of Science and Innovation of the Spanish Government.

The recognition is given only to companies that have demonstrated an innovative character through their Research & Development (R&D) work, providing value to society with their technological advancements.

As its R&D Department is located in Spain, Future Connections approached the national Ministry of Science and Innovation to request support for their ongoing R&D efforts in the telecommunications sector. Projects developing game-changing cost-effective solutions around video data analytics and network automation, optimisation and assurance as part of NIx, the Future Connections’ flexible multi-technology, multi-domain platform, were identified and presented for consideration.

After an in-depth assessment, the Spanish Government recognised the innovative approach of the company’s R&D team in leveraging the latest AI/ML and big data analytics techniques to improve network automation and use of data from multiple sources across various departments. Future Connections obtained tax rebate approval for its R&D costs and, more importantly, the ‘PYME Innovadora’ status.

Alejandro Medina, CTO at Future Connections, commented: “We are delighted to obtain ‘PYME Innovadora’ status by the Spanish Government. This is indeed an exciting and well deserved recognition for the work of our R&D team. We are now able to accelerate the delivery of modular, scalable, multi-technology, multi-domain automation solutions that help our customers in Spain and around the world to improve their network performance based on customer-defined use cases while minimising their overhead costs and time to repair.” Alejandro added: “There is no doubt that the PYME Innovadora status will also support the Future Connections’ contribution to advance the telecom industry as a whole with new standards through the adoption of innovative technology, techniques and models on emerging areas such as OpenRAN, RIC, 5G.”

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