FutureNet World 2023

Novotel London West | 3-4 May


World 2023

3-4 May
Novotel London West
Stand nº 25

Focusing on the key themes of FutureNet World 2023, we presented 3 key areas of our expertise in particular:
1. NIx network intelligent solutions
2. Network Energy Saver application
3. Network data domain expertise

Read the press release about our participation.

FutureNet World Finalist Network Sustainability Award

1. NIx Network Intelligence solutions

We discussed with visitors how we leverage the latest AI/ML techniques to improve the automation of networks and processes in an easily customisable way with our portfolio of NIx modular, scalable, multi-technology, multi-vendor solutions. Each application is OSSCSON and RIC-ready to address challenges and use cases flexibly, respecting and enhancing the use the customer’s unique technical set up.
Talk to us if you are looking to make a real impact on your network and processes and want to achieve:

Explore our OSS NIx
applications portfolio

Explore our CSON/RIC
applications portfolio

Explore our Energy Saver solution brochure

2. Network Energy Saver application

At the event, we presented our Energy Saver solution, specifically designed to support tier-1 operators in the optimisation of their network power consumption based on their unique energy saving strategy. Current implementations have already demonstrated up to 15% reduction of energy costs without causing any service degradation that could negatively impact the service performance.

Find out what this intelligent and easily customisable solution, that is part of the NIx portfolio, can do for you.

3. Network data domain expertise

We also discussed how our AI/ML skills and expertise are rooted in solid big data analytics techniques specifically in the network data domain. This delivers insights that inform, guide and enrich all automation decision-making processes, gives solid foundations to each of our deliveries and ultimately makes your network work in a smarter way.

Find out more about our methodology and approach.