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Town traffic control at El Ronquillo, Spain




New surveillance system for the control of traffic on the town main access road.




Working closely with SICE, Future Connections adviced, supplied and helped implementing new IP video technology solutions by Avigilon to the municipality of El Ronquillo, Spain. The all-in-one intelligent surveillance solution implemented included H4 Edge Solution cameras as well as high-definition imaging, self-learning video analytics and network video recorder functionality, and embedded Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software. The H4 Edge Solution cameras record video directly to an onboard solid-state drive and eliminate the need for a separate network video recorder. They also reduce installation and system costs, as they were installed on the traffic lights and on the poles of the existing street lights on the main access road of the town.


With these new cameras, the local government of the municipality can now detect, prevent and act in the face of unfair situations, robberies, or vehicle thefts.


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